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  • 🐶Pressure Activated Heated Mat: GeerDuo pet pad is a pressure-activated heating mat, only when pets stay on it, it will heat according to the temperature you set. This heated bed will stop heating when your pet is not in the bed.
  • 🐶Safe: To prevent pets from biting the wires and electric shock, we have equipped them with anti-bite covers to wrap them. The bottom of the mat is made of waterproof and anti-slip fabric, which is safer for unwell pets, little puppies, elderly pets, arthritis pets, newborn pets, or pets that have recovered from illness or injury.
  • 🐶Washable and Soft Cover: We are equipped with a soft and washable zippered cover that can be removed for hand or machine washing at any time.
  • 🐶3 Temperature Modes: This heating mat has 3 temperature modes-35℃-45℃-60℃ (95℉-113℉-140℉). In addition, GeerDuo mat has a built-in overheat protection sensor, which will automatically shut off in 12 hours for safety.
  • 🐶Quality Guarantee: We promise 12-month warranty for quality-related issues, we will provide the refund or replacement.

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