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  • Oxford
  • Easily Move And Transfer: This upgraded gait belt features 6 soft padded sponge handles. 6 ruggedized handles provide caregivers a safer and more effective assistance from any angle when transfering patients. Prevent falls and other embarrassing situations safely and put an end to grabbing loved one painfully by the arm or by the seat of the pants.
  • Easy to Adjustable: The click buckle is safer, easier and faster for patients to wear and remove. The velcro can be adjusted freely to fit a person's waist size. Once adjusted to the right size according to the person's waist size, you're done and don't have to keep doing that every time you use the belt. Transfer belt is adjustable to accommodate waists up to 47”.
  • Exceptionally Strong and Extra Wide: Constructed with strong nylon webbing, the belt stitching is reinforced for exceptional durability. Compared with ordinary belt, widened to 5cm to cover the waist of the user more comprehensively, distributing the body weight to the belt. It is more comfortable for normal or obese patients to use. Work great when carrying for person who is unsteady.
  • Multifunction: The caregivers put on the gait belt for the patient and assist them to manage body, prevent them from falling down while transferring or walking. Move the patient securely from the bed to the wheelchair. Suitable for patients suffering from stroke, dementia, hemiplegia, and Parkinson's. It can also be used to assist patients with chronic soreness and muscle weakness in their daily rehabilitation training. There are other uses, like a temporary seat belt for wheel chair.
  • Washable: Can be hand washed and air dried.

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